What is Cityfireflies?

Cityfireflies is a urban digital game created in order to explore new ways of interaction in public spaces. We started trying to create a universal controller that most of the people have, the light of your phone!! But is not only that, we explored different ways of engaging people to play having always the social component in mind, different ways of having sound feedback and much more!

The game mechanic is quite easy but enjoyable! Players need to remove the "threats" that are trying to take over the square. There are different levels but to completely clean the screen, one player is not enough, so as the game progresses, it becomes a multiplayer collaborative game. So if you see some people playing please, join them! ;)

City fireflies is available for playing from Monday to Satuarday from 07pm to 00 at the medialab-prado facade in Madrid. Check the map

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Draw the enemies

With our web-tool you can draw the enemies that show up in the different levels



Questions? Do you want us to make an interactive installation? Write us to info@cityfireflies.com
Source code https://github.com/victordiaz/cityfireflies

A project by Uncoded.es
Sergio Galán   @sergioeclectico
Victor Díaz   @biquillo